5 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

There are few things more important than the safety and security of our families and our homes. If you’re worried about your home security, there are a number of simple methods you can use to improve your peace of mind. In this article, we’re discussing 5 easy ways to improve your home security so you can rest easy at night.

1. Stop Hiding Your Spare Key

​The major problem with hiding a key on your property is that we often put them in places that are easy to remember and find. Unfortunately, experienced burglars know all of the usual places and have little trouble finding these keys. A better option is to invest in a key safe or a smart door lock that can be accessed with a unique user code. You can share this code with guests without taking the risk of giving thieves access to your home.

2. Invest In Sensor Lights

​Motion-activated sensor lights are a simple and effective way of deterring criminals from entering your home. Illuminated lights make it difficult for a burglar to go undetected by neighbours and people passing by, meaning they often give up on their attempts as soon as they are interrupted by sudden sensor lights.

3. Add Locks to Your Windows

​Ground-floor and basement windows are commonly considered to be the weakest point of entry in your home, especially when you have no locking system installed. Simple window locks, sensors and alarms can ensure intruders never get to the point of accessing your home. The best part is that these mechanisms are affordable and highly effective, and they can usually be installed on your existing windows.

4. Control Your Home with Automation

Smartphone automation is an extremely secure method of controlling your windows, doors and garage door openers. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve locked your home when you can check the status of the doors and control them from anywhere in the world. Another benefit of automation is removing the need for physical keys, so you won’t accidentally give a thief access to your home.

5. Install a Higher Quality Garage Door

​Garage doors that can be manually lifted or interfered with via foreign transmitters are a common cause of burglary. Many criminals notice when a family has gone away and then drive their vehicles up to the garage door, using the driveway as a discrete way to empty your home. Neighbours commonly mistake criminals for service people who have come to do work while you’re away.

High-quality garage doors that are built from sturdy and secure materials will minimise your risk of theft. You can also connect your garage door to your smartphone which will give you notifications every time it is opened or closed, so you can go away knowing your home is safe and secure.

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