Automate your garage doors & gates with Dominator

At Dominator Christchurch, we proudly introduce Remootio, a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled end-to-end encrypted smart remote controller, that makes your old garage doors and gates smart. With Remootio you can control and monitor garage doors and gates using your smartphone.

Thanks to Remootio’s Bluetooth connectivity you can control your gates even when Wi-Fi is not available at your gates or when the internet service is down. You can also connect Remootio to your home Wi-Fi operate your gates from anywhere in home network. In this mode no data goes through the internet. You can also set up internet access easily with just one click in the App.

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Three ways to connect

Bluetooth: You can control your gates even when WiFi is not available at your gates or when the internet service is down.

Wi-Fi: Connect Remootio to your home WiFi and control your gates from anywhere within your house. In this mode, no data goes through the internet.

Internet: You can control and monitor your gates from anywhere in the world.

No external bridge or hub is needed. It’s all built into the device.
It also works in parallel with your traditional remote controller


Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri, SmartThings

Remootio 3 is compatible with Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and SmartThings so you can use voice commands to open or close your garage door.

You can also add a personal phrase in the Remootio app and open or close your gates with Siri shortcuts.

Easy keysharing

You can easily share keys with family and friends or even Airbnb guests via QR code or via text message. (You can also use the messaging platform of any social media apps to share keys).

Access right management

Grant or revoke access rights easily from the app.
You have full control over which users have access to your gate or garage via Bluetooth, WiFi and Internet.
(For example you can limit the gardener’s key to only work via Bluetooth.)

Limit when users can operate the gates:

Duration based: Set a start date and an end date
(ideal for AirBnB)

Weekly recurring pattern: 
Set a start time and an end time for each day of the week. (For example the gardener can only open on weekdays between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm)


Close or open your gate or garage door at certain times of the day. You can set up as many automations as you wish.

For example, Remootio can open your gate every working day at 9:00 AM and close it at 6:00 PM. (You can choose any day of the week and any time of the day.)
You can add as many automations as you wish.

Other features, widgets & security

Camera add-on

You can add a Remootio compatible Wi-Fi camera and watch the live stream in the Remootio app.

Check gate status

You can check whether your gate is open or closed from the Remootio app any time. You can also ask Alexa or Google home if your garage door is closed.


Get notified when someone operates your gate, someone rings the doorbell, or when the gate has been left open.

Apple Watch app

Use the Remootio apple watch app to control your gate from your wrist.


Open and close your gate or garage door without opening the app using the Remootio widget or the Siri shortcuts widget.


Independently from whether you use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Remootio uses 256-bit authenticated end-to-end encryption between your smartphone and the Remootio device.

Keys are not stored in a cloud, but in your Remootio device and your smartphone.

Small size

Thanks to its small dimensions, Remootio fits just about anywhere.


Remootio supports the following accessories:

  • Gate status sensor (included in the kit): lets you check if the gate or garage door is open or closed from the app
  • Doorbell button: connect a doorbell button and get notifications on your phone if someone rings it
  • Manual control button: connect a button that people can use to operate your garage door. This button can be disabled and enabled remotely from the app.

Free smartphone app

The smartphone app is available for both iOS and Android. There are no subscription fees.
Handle multiple devices from the same app. Swipe horizontally between them. You can add as many Remootio devices as you wish.


Power your Remootio easily

Power the device easily using the included 5V USB charger.

Depending on where you order from, a Type A (US), Type C (EU), Type I (AUS) or Type G (UK) USB charger is included.


Optimized for electric gate openers

Power your Remootio 3 unit directly from your gate opener. Remootio 3 has a wide operating voltage range. It can work with any voltage between

5-32 VDC & 12-24 VAC

Power consumption is optimized for solar powered gates. The average consumption is only 0.4 Watts and it can be reduced further to 0.2 Watts in low power mode.


What’s included in the Remootio 3 package

  • Remootio 3 device
  • Sensor (for detecting if your gate is open or closed)
  • USB power adapter (5 Volts). Compatible with type C (EU), type G (UK), type I (AU) or type A (US) sockets. Depending on where you order from, we’ll send you the correct type.
  • USB cord for Remootio 3 to be used with the USB power adapter
  • Double-sided tape for mounting the Remootio 3 device
  • Double-sided tapes for mounting the sensor
  • Cables for connecting Remootio 3 to your gate or garage door opener
  • Installation manual



Remootio acts like a smartphone controlled push button for your gates or garage doors, so you can simply connect it in parallel with your existing wall push button or radio receiver unit.

All you need for installation is a cross head screwdriver, a smartphone and the Remootio device.

No other hub required. Remootio has everything built-in.

Remootio is compatible with most electric gate and garage door openers as well as electric strikes. Use the compatibility checker below to see if Remootio is compatible with your gates.

If you are not sure how to install Remootio, please contact us at or call us and our support team will get back to you with the correct wiring diagram for your gate or garage door opener.

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