Automate your garage doors & gates with Dominator

At Dominator Christchurch, we proudly introduce Remootio, a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled end-to-end encrypted smart remote controller, that makes your old garage doors and

Turning Your Garage into a Man Cave

Got a garage in your home that doesn’t get used? Turn it into a space for relaxing, entertaining and working. A man cave is

How to Select the Perfect Garage Door

​If you’re thinking about getting a new roller garage doors or electric garage doors, there’s a lot to consider. Since your garage doors are

Control Your Garage Doors with Your Smartphone

Do you ever leave your house and wonder if you might have accidentally left your garage door open? With a smartphone control kit, you

Why You Should Automate Your Doors

Automation is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. While some automated solutions like automatic coffee makers and thermostats could be considered luxuries

Finish Your Home with a Designer Door and Gate

When choosing an electric garage door for your home, security, safety and durability are key considerations. However, you also want something that is unique,

Make Your Garage Door Safer for Your Family

Your garage door must be not only good looking and reliable, it needs to be tough and secure. At Dominator Christchurch, we understand that

Improving the Resale Value of Your Home

It is often said that the single most important component for the value of a house is the location. To some extent, that’s true;

Protect Your Car with a Safe Garage Door

After your house, your car is probably the most expensive asset you own. Not only is an automobile financially valuable, but so much of

We Have Garage Doors to Suit Harsh Climates

Garage doors look sturdy because they’re so large and heavy. But what you may not know is that many garage doors are deceptively fragile.

Why is Street Appeal So Important?

Street appeal is massively important, not just for increasing the value of your home, but for aesthetic pleasantry and general liveability, too. Who doesn’t

Make Every Aspect of Your Home Child-Safe

Our children are so precious to us, and we look after them the best we can. But when we look away – even for

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