How to Use Our Smart Phone Control Kit

10th June, 2020
​If you’ve recently upgraded your garage doors with Dominator Christchurch and you’re not sure how to use your Smartphone Control Kit, we’re here to give you the answers. Follow the simple guide below and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need extra support.

What You Will Need Before Installation

Before we get started with using the app, it’s important to have a few things already installed on your property, including:

  • A secure Wi-Fi connection with your modem router – you will also need your username and password for the Wi-Fi
  • A compatible smart device – the Dominator app is compatible with smartphones that use either IOS 8.4 and above or Android 4.4 and above
  • A powerpoint – the kit comes with a smart hub that needs to be connected to a power source in your home
  • Mobile data enabled – if you are using your smartphone outside of Wi-Fi, you will need to use mobile data

Getting Started with the Dominator App

​Make sure you have your garage door ready to operate. Place the Smart Hub within range of your home’s Wi-Fi router and connect the Smart Hub to a power source. Download the Dominator App through one of the links below.
Once you’ve downloaded the app for your smartphone, simply click on the “Start” button and we’ll guide you through the rest.

Using the Dominator App

​To see a step-by-step guide with pictures that will show you how to set up the Dominator App, click here. Otherwise, follow the instructions below. The app will guide you through each one of these steps, so walk through them one at a time and the process should be easy!

  1. Select ‘Set Up a New Hub’ and connect your phone to the Smart Hub
    1. Go to your phone settings, select the Smart Hub Wi-Fi (the name starts with B&D)
  2. Go back to the app and select the Smart Hub Wi-Fi then click ‘Connect’
  3. Name your Smart Hub (e.g. Home Garage)
  4. Set your time zone
  5. Create an admin user
    1. There are minimum requirements for how many characters you use
    2. Confirm this by pressing the flashing red button on your Smart Hub
  6. Provide your email address and answer some security questions in case you forget your password in the future
  7. Connect to your home Wi-Fi by selecting it in the app
    1. Type in the password for your home Wi-Fi

Click on ‘Connect’ and then you can move on to registering your devices!

Adding a Device to Your App

​The next step is to connect your devices to the Smart Hub and the Dominator App. The ‘Add Devices’ window will pop up automatically once you have completed the steps above. There is a QR code on the back of your garage door receiver/remote or on a card that was supplied with the device. You will need to scan this QR code in the app to connect the device to your Smart Hub.

Once you have scanned the QR code, click on ‘Register Device’ and then you can navigate back to the home screen. Congratulate yourself because the process is done! You can now control your devices from your smartphone. The best thing about the Dominator App is how user friendly it is, so you shouldn’t have any problems with operating it.

Call Dominator If You Need Assistance

Don’t stress if something has gone wrong during set up. Simply get in touch with the Dominator Christchurch team and we’ll help you start again. Call us on 03 669 4256 and we’ll help you out straight away.

If you’re interested in buying a new garage door that’s compatible with smartphone technology, book a free measure and quote with our team today.

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