Make Every Aspect of Your Home Child-Safe

10th June, 2020
Our children are so precious to us, and we look after them the best we can. But when we look away – even for just a moment – kids get themselves into all sorts of trouble! That’s why it is so vital to have a child-safe home. It is necessary to take the steps required to remove all possible hazards from an encounter with your accident-prone progeny. Here are some of the main child-safety measures that parents, and guardians, need to take. Plus, a few that you might not even have thought of yet, like roller garage doors.

Be Vigilant Around Swimming Pools

​Kids love swimming and having a pool in your backyard is a great way to encourage exercise and sociability. However, ensuring that your pool is child-safe is an absolute must. Make sure there’s a fence around the pool that it’s clean and safe, that your children have been trained with survival swimming skills, and that they’re supervised at all times.

Beware Strangulation Hazards

​Our homes are full of things that are perfectly safe for adults, but which might wreak havoc on a child. For example, the dangling cords on blinds might be a dangerous strangulation hazard. Similarly, beware when children use headphones that have long cables, especially when they are in bed.

Watch Out for Corners and Sharp Edges

​Furniture, like coffee tables that has sharp edges and corners, can be a pain for adults. When you’re walking around at night, they might collide with your shin, causing you to cry out in distress. How much more vulnerable are our children who are running around with edges and corners at head height. To keep your home child-safe, make sensible and thoughtful furniture choices and consider covering hazardous regions with a foam-type material.

Install a Safe Garage Door

​A bad, old, poorly installed garage door has the potential to be dangerous – they’re large pieces of heavy machinery, and you don’t want any young people getting trapped underneath! That’s why Dominator doors have so many safety options and use such a reliable garage door remote. From automatic stopping technology to infra-red protective sensors, electric garage doors don’t come more child-safe than a Dominator.

Electric Garage Doors with Smartphone Control in Christchurch

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