Make Your Garage Door Safer for Your Family

10th June, 2020

Your garage door must be not only good looking and reliable, it needs to be tough and secure. At Dominator Christchurch, we understand that security and safety are a key consideration when choosing a garage door or opener. The garage door is the largest moving item in your house and can cause serious injury if it fails.

Garage door systems can vary significantly in the type of safety and security features they offer. Our roller garage doors and electric garage doors use the latest safety and security features to ensure your family and possessions are safeguarded and the risk of an accident is mitigated.

Automatic Reverse Function

Automatic reversing comes as a standard feature on electric garage doors by Dominator. If the garage door comes into contact with an obstruction, it will stop and reverse back up. This function is sensitive so if that obstruction is a person, they will not be injured by the initial contact. The garage door will also automatically stop if it comes into contact with an obstruction on its upward journey.

Infra-Red Safety Beams

​For added safety, an infra-red safety beam can be added to your opener so that if the beam is broken while the door is in use, the garage door will automatically stop and reverse. This prevents any contact with the person or object that broke the beam, eliminating the risk of injury.

Entry Keypads

​Entry keypads allow you to open your garage door using a pin number. This allows people to enter the home without worrying about keeping track of multiple keys. It’s handy for busy households and those with children. Everyone can pop in and out without carrying anything and no one need ever be locked out.

Tricode Technology

Thieves can sometimes access an automatic garage door by sending out varying frequencies until they find one that opens your door. TrioCode uses ‘code hopping’ to generate trillions of garage door rolling codes, creating a new code every time the garage door is operated. This way, only your transmitters will open your door and the transmission can’t be hacked by anyone else trying to gain access.

TrioCode simultaneously transmits on three different frequencies. This prevents jams from other frequencies transmitted by devices like cordless headphones, wireless sound systems, etc. With three frequencies available, even if two frequencies are jammed, the TrioCode transmitter will still operate your door.

Smartphone Control Kit

​The Dominator SmartPhone Control Kit lets you operate and check the status of your garage door from anywhere in the world. You can monitor your garage 24/7 and receive notifications when anyone uses it via a specially designed smartphone app. You’ll never have to worry about whether the garage door was accidentally left open, and you will know each time when the garage door is operated and who is using it.

Quality Roller Garage Doors in Christchurch

​For quality roller garage doors and electric garage doors featuring the latest security and safety features, choose Dominator Christchurch. Our team can advise you on our range of secure, stylish and durable garage doors to help you find the perfect solution for your home. Get in touch with our team today by calling 03 669 4256 or contact us online to organise a free measure and quote.

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