The Finns

A modern architectural styled panel with striking vertical pickets closely spaced to accentuate the vertical lines of the house. Fence panels, balustrade panels and a matching series of gates compliment the range.

The Oasis

Horizontal slats provide great privacy screening as infill on block walls, gates and screening around services. Keep your yard private behind this modern wonder wall.

The Nicks

A modern architectural styled panel with striking vertical angle picket closely spaced to accentuate the vertical lines of the house. Fence panels and a matching series of gates compliment the range.

The Orbison

Simple clean lines and lightweight construction make The Orbison the most economical choice for residential applications. The design is Pool safety compliant at 1.2m high and Balustrade compliant at 1.2 post centre is with PS1 certificates available on the website.

The Lennox

Chunky tubular sections give The Lennox panels their strength making them ideal for school fencing. Pressed spear tops and chunky tubular sections create a strong deterrent for any perimeter secured by The Lennox Security panels.

The Boss

Balustrade compliance, durability and rakability make Boss panels ideal for residential housing developments and other infrastructure projects. Raking up to 15 degrees with raking aluminium tube bracket and up to 30 deg with raking brackets.

The Mercury

The queen of our range, the aluminium fence panel range has concealed mechanics that allow it to rake. Available in 1.2m,1.5m and 1.8m flat top and 1.8m and 2.1m spear top which matches The Lennox fixed

The Chiefs

The durability and strength of hot dip galvanised tubular steel with sharp pressed steel spears make The Chiefs panel range ideal for industrial and commercial security applications.

The Kinks

Long lasting, versatile and economic, The Kinks hot dip galvanised wire folded top panels are ideal for long runs of fencing where a visibly unobtrusive barrier is needed along roadways or around services.

The Jagger

Heavy 3mm steel is rolled into a rigid D-profile to create the highest security fence panels. The panels are strong, durable and have the ability to rake across varied terrain.

The Metallica

Closely spaced wire lets air flow through and allows visibility. FenceLab 358 mesh has double vertical wires making it stronger and more rigid than other brands. It is hot dip galvanised after welding to maximise corrosion performance. Typical applications include the fencing off of services or anywhere that anti-scale is a requirement.

The Straits

A traditional looking picket fence that is fast to install and does not need painting!

Benefits of dealing with Dominator CHCH

Whatever your requirements, our garage door experts in Christchurch will provide advice and help you determine the right option for your home!
  • We visit your home to make measurements
  • You choose your garage: style, colour, finish and accessories that suit you and your needs
  • We custom build your garage door at our manufacturing facility in Christchurch
  • Your garage door is delivered to you
  • Our expert technicians install and test your new garage door
  • 10-year total confidence warranty

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