Aluminium Door Jams by Ali-Jamb

Canterburys trusted supplier of Ali-Jambs aluminium Garage Door Jambs

Achieve a sleek, modern exterior your clients will love. Whether you're building a new home or renovating, our aluminum garage door jamb ensures a seamless, stylish finish that matches the door or home's joinery.

Aluminium garage door jambs provide a reliable and low-maintenance solution. Featuring a built-in architrave with a Gib groove and a mohair seal for weatherproofing, they ensure durability and protection. Their clean, straight lines and mitred corner joints offer a sleek finish suitable for cladding, while their easy installation saves time and makes them a cost-effective choice for any project.

Aluminium, as a material, stands out for its strength and robustness. Unlike timber, it doesn't twist, warp, or require ongoing maintenance, making it a better choice for withstanding New Zealand’s climate and the accidental dings and scratches from vehicles.

Ali-Jamb Aluminium Garage Door Jambs (Ali-Jamb) are aluminium garage door jambs for use in garage door lintel openings with all types of standard cladding.

This made to order solution, is manufactured from aluminium and comprises a head profile and two side profiles to fit 90 mm or 140 mm framing.

Ali-Jamb Aluminium Garage Door Jambs are available in two extrusion options and coated in Dulux®’s Durraloy®, Duralloy®+PLUS or Protexture™ powder coated finishes.

They are supplied with cleats, clips and screws.

The width of the jamb is 175 mm for 90 mm framing and 225 mm for 140 mm framing, with a 20 mm return on the outside edge. The internal architrave measures 70 mm in width.


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