Rolling Doors


The new Dominator ExcelTM, featuring Tri-Tran™ technology, continues the tradition of setting the standard for rolling garage door openers around the world.

The Dominator Excel roller garage door opener has an ultra-compact side profile that allows installation into almost any limited side-room situation. The opener features a soft start/soft stop, which ramps up at the start and decelerates at the end of a cycle. This reduces load and wear on the opener and softens the point of contact when the door finishes closing.

Included with the opener is a pair of stylish and compact four-button keyring transmitters that generate over 4.29 billion random access codes.

With a Dominator automatic garage door opener, you can access your garage in comfort and security.

Now comes with a 7-year, 20,000-cycle Warranty!

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  • Requires only 40mm side-room minimum
  • Soft start/soft stop
  • 2x Stylish Four button key ring transmitters
  • 1x Wireless Wall Button
  • Manual release cord
  • Intelligent door profiling
  • Automatic limits positioning
  • Remote controlled courtesy light
  • Auto-Close mode (available when photo electric beam sensor is fitted)
  • Overload and service indicator
  • Vacation mode
  • Pedestrian mode
  • Easy to operate manual release
  • Door Type
  • Suits standard residential single or double width Dominator rolling garage doors up to 3m high and 5.5m wide.*
  • Not suitable for high-cycling doors.

*Or 16.5m/sq door surface area with a maximum lifting load of 20kg and travel time not exceeding 25 seconds – door must be in good working condition.


  • Each Dominator Excel Roller Door Opener comes with the following fundamental features and benefits:
  • Intelligent Sensitivity System (ISS) reacts to door obstructions to minimise the risk of damage to people, pets and property
  • All new wheeled trolley system for softer C-Rail operation
  • Dominator PG-3 Programmer integration, allows service professionals to swiftly service and upgrade your opener with the latest operating firmware and advanced functions
  • Customisable operating modes that provide greater flexibility for your garage, including Vacation Mode – which blocks out all but one transmitter, and Pet & Pedestrian Mode – providing a limited opening for non-vehicular access
  • Tri-Tran™ 128-bit multi-frequency coding system that uses three frequencies to overcome the increasing problem of interference within your neighbourhood
  • Tri-Tran™ 128-bit transmitters also use code hopping technology to generate a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities with each use. You can rest assured with these odds that only your transmitters will open your garage door


Tri-Tran™128 is a revolutionary new coding system that provides enhanced reliability and security by using three frequencies to overcome interference issues.


Increasingly our environment is filled with wireless devices such as cordless headphones, wireless sound systems and more, many of which operate on the same frequencies as door and gate openers. Frustratingly, these devices can jam out your door or gate opener’s receiver, and the offending device may not even be in your building, it could be over 200 metres away.

Tri-Tran™128 overcomes this challenge by simultaneously transmitting on three different frequencies. Even if two frequencies are jammed, the Tri-Tran™128 transmitter will still operate your door. Tri-Tran™128 is your insurance that your garage door will continue to operate without interference for years to come, no matter what new technology is introduced to the surrounding area.

It’s important to have peace of mind when you make a purchase, that’s why your Excel roller door opener comes with a:

  • full 7 year/20,000 cycles warranty on the opener including labour to repair when installed by an approved Dominator dealer.

Note – 12-month warranty on transmitters. Globes and batteries excluded. Warranty valid only if warranty conditions are met. 7 year/20,000 cycle warranty only valid in Australia and New Zealand.

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