The Metallica

358 Anti-Climb

Closely spaced wire lets air flow through and allows visibility. FenceLab 358 mesh has double vertical wires making it stronger and more rigid than other brands. It is hot dip galvanised after welding to maximise corrosion performance. Typical applications include the fencing off of services or anywhere that anti-scale is a requirement.

• Horizontal: Single 4.0mm wire with 72mm spacing

• Vertical: Double 4.0mm wire with 8.7mm spacing

• Hot-dip galvanised after welding

Matching Pedestrian, Driveway Swing, Sliding and Cantilever gates can be made to your specifications. PoA.



Price (HGD)

2.4mH x 2.2mW

358DV-22 x 24


3.6mH x 2.2mW

358DV-22 x 36


*Note: Above pricing is for the 358 sheets only. Additional costs apply for rails, posts, brackets and fasteners.

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