Protect Your Car with a Safe Garage Door

10th June, 2020

After your house, your car is probably the most expensive asset you own. Not only is an automobile financially valuable, but so much of our lives depend on driving around. Despite that, many people are appallingly blasé when it comes to protecting their car. They leave it out front of their homes, exposed to the elements and passers-by, or house it in a garage behind a flimsy and outdated roller door.

If you want to protect your car, as well as everything else in your home, it’s vital that your vehicle is protected with secure electric garage doors.

Stay Secure

​You wouldn’t leave your windows wide open or have your front door unlocked at night, so why would you take that sort of chance with your garage door? Old, broken garage doors are a boon for thieves, not to mention that they’re at risk of being battered down by the elements. On the other hand, Dominator doors are tough with thick, quality New Zealand steel and ingenious design. Plus, with auto-lock technology, you’ll be protected from your own forgetfulness, too.

Protect Everything in Your Garage

​Principally, your garage door is for keeping your car safe. However, there are many other things kept in the garage that need protecting, too. From cherished mementoes and precious works of art to storage boxes filled with books and off-season clothes. Don’t risk a break in; cover yourself with high-quality roller garage doors.

Safety for Your Car and Your Family

​An old, faulty garage door is a liability. Not only will it be easier for thieves to break into your home, but vulnerable members of the household are at risk, too. Every year, small children and pets are trapped under garage doors. Don’t let that happen to your loved ones. With a dominator car door, infra-red beams can be outfitted to garage openers. With this technology, if a child, pet, vehicle or obstacle goes under the door while it is closing, the door will automatically stop and reverse without making contact. Additionally, the doors can be fitted with an automatic reverse function so that if they do make contact with an obstruction, movement automatically stops.

Stay Safe Time After Time

​Dominator doors keep you, your car and your family safe, and with a fantastic ten-year total confidence warranty covering garage door repair, you can rest assured that it will stay that way for years to come.

Secure Electric Garage Doors in Christchurch

​For quality roller garage doors and electric garage doors using the latest automation technologies, choose Dominator Christchurch. Our team can advise you on our range of secure, stylish and durable garage doors to help you find the perfect solution for your home. Get in touch with our team today by calling 03 669 4256 or contact us online to organise a free measure and quote.

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