The Latest Technology for Garage Doors

10th June, 2020
Long gone are the days of heavy, manual garage doors that were difficult to use, easy to access and quick to break down. These days, your garage door is a highly technical and advanced piece of machinery that protects your home and adds a touch of convenience to your life. In this article, we’re having a look at the latest technology to revolutionise how we use garage doors.

Higher Quality Materials for Better Garage Door Insulation

​The garage is a common culprit for poor temperature regulation in the home and this can make our energy bills soar. Modern garage doors from Dominator have been improved with a sophisticated insulating material that adds efficiency and style. This unique product is EPS infused with graphite to absorb infrared energy and reflect heat, offering approximately 20% better performance than standard EPS.

Not only does insulation work to regulate the temperature of your garage and overall home, but it also helps to create a barrier for noise pollution. You can keep road noise out of your home or stop sound from exiting your home — this is perfect for people who use their garage as a music space or workshop.

New and Improved Garage Door Openers

​Dominator Christchurch offers a brand-new garage door opener that has been designed for tilt or sectional garage doors up to 13.5m2. The Panel-Pro is small in size but packs a punch with a 650N DC motor with Tri-Tran 128 technology, safety reversing systems, courtesy light, and a steel C-Rail. This opener has been designed as an affordable way to simplify how you interact with your garage door.

Each Dominator Panel-Pro comes with a huge range of features and benefits, such as an Intelligent Sensitivity System that reacts to door obstructions, minimising the risk of damage to people, pets and property. You can also customise your operating modes for the utmost control, including vacation mode which reduces access to one transmitter.

Tri-Tran Technology for Complete Security

​The environment around our homes is filled with wireless devices and sound systems which operate on the same frequency as garage door openers. These devices can interfere with your door opener’s receiver. Tri-Tran 128 is a multi-frequency coding system that works to overcome the increasing problem of interference within your neighbourhood.

Tri-Tran overcomes these problems by transmitting on three different frequencies, meaning two can be jammed and the door opener will still work. This technology assures you that no matter how many devices enter your neighbourhood, they cannot affect your garage door.

Seamless Smartphone Operation

​There’s one more thing to add to the list of devices controlled from your smartphone. With the Dominator Smartphone Control Kit, you can check the status of your electric garage doors and control them from anywhere in the world using a simple app on your phone. You’ll enjoy added security as you monitor your door 24/7 and receive notifications when it is in use.

Upgrade Your Garage Door Technology Today

​To find out what’s possible in your home, speak to the team at Dominator Christchurch. We are constantly striving to improve our technology and make your garage door as safe, reliable and efficient as it possibly can be. Call us on 03 669 4256 or contact us online for a free measure and quote today.

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