Tilt Garage Doors vs. Roller Doors

Trying to decide which garage doors are right for your home or business? It can be daunting to inspect the market and find the perfect garage doors, especially when you consider how big of an investment they can be. In this article, the professional team at Dominator Christchurch is comparing tilt garage doors with roller garage doors so you can make the right choice.

What are Tilt Garage Doors?

Tilt garage doors are made up of one panel that tilts open on pivoting arms on either side of the opening. These doors are simple because they tilt from a vertical position to a horizontal position, meaning they have fewer moving parts and can be the ideal choice for specific garage environments.

Situations that Benefit from Tilt Garage Doors

​Although they are the least common kind of garage door installed in modern times, they can be perfect for some situations, including:

  • Garages with very limited head height at the opening
  • Homes that require garage doors made from a specific kind of material
  • Adding windows or decorative features to the door
  • Fitting into a reasonably affordable budget

One downside of the tilt garage door is that, because they open by swinging outward at the bottom, you need to have parked a safe distance from the door before opening it. If your driveway doesn’t allow for this, it may be best to choose a roller garage door instead.

What Are Roller Garage Doors?​

Roller garage doors are comprised of a ribbed, steel sheet that moves vertically into the garage opening, rolling around a drum as it goes. These doors are guided by tracks and counterbalanced with springs. Roller garage doors are considered more suitable to a range of applications than tilt doors, especially when you have plenty of headroom above the opening of your shed or garage.

When to Install a Roller Garage Door

Roller garage doors are ideal for:

  • Garages and sheds
  • People who aren’t concerned with how many style and design options they have
  • Doors that don’t require windows or decorative features
  • Areas that are subjected to extreme weather, including high winds
  • Maximising storage space within the garage
  • People with a lower budget

One downside of roller doors is that they can be extremely heavy, especially when they have been insulated properly. They also need to be painted before installation, and installation will require a professional and experienced team to do it properly.

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