What Can Go Wrong with Garage Doors?

10th June, 2020
Electric garage doors are huge, heavy pieces of machinery that have multiple moving parts and can present real risks. If a garage door is poorly installed, old, or incorrectly maintained, it might be a hazard for yourself, your belongings and your car, not to mention your pets and any young family members. Additionally, if your garage doors aren’t working properly, they won’t work as protection for your precious belongings. Read on to learn about some of the ways garage doors can go wrong, and discover a few of the precautions Dominator have taken to ensure that their products are the safest on the market.

Flimsy Materials, Bad Results

​Some roller garage doors are better than others. Cheap, poorly designed doors are easy for thieves to break into, and don’t protect your home and contents from the elements. If your garage doors can be easily knocked down – or even just lifted up by hand – then they’re purely ornamental and won’t actually provide security.

Sometimes, old garage doors will stop providing protection, because with the passing of the years, you haven’t noticed the extent to which they’ve deteriorated. Don’t get caught out. Make sure you’ve got quality doors on your garage. Dominator doors, for example, use the best New Zealand steel and cutting-edge technology.

Closing When They Shouldn’t

​Do you remember those nasty, ancient elevator doors that seemed as though they were going to close on you and never stop? Mostly, they’ve been removed from public spaces, because they weren’t safe. It should be the same with your garage door at home; if your garage door won’t automatically stop when it encounters an obstruction, it is a safety risk. Same goes for an unreliable garage door remote.

It would be terrible if your big, heavy garage door were to come down on top of you, your pet, your car, or a family member. That’s why Dominator doors are equipped with accident prevention measures to avert disaster.

Safety First

​At Dominator, we can outfit a Garage door with safety precautions to prevent accidents. For example, infra-red beams can be outfitted to garage openers on a dominator door. If anything is under the door when you tell it to shut, it’ll automatically stop without contact. Additionally, an automatic reverse function can be installed so that, if the door does make contact with something, movement stops automatically.

Quality Electric Garage Doors in Christchurch

​For quality roller garage doors and electric garage doors using the latest automation technologies, choose Dominator Christchurch. Our team can advise you on our range of secure, stylish and durable garage doors to help you find the perfect solution for your home. Get in touch with our team today by calling 03 669 4256 or contact us online to organise a free measure and quote.

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