Why is Street Appeal So Important?

10th June, 2020
Street appeal is massively important, not just for increasing the value of your home, but for aesthetic pleasantry and general liveability, too. Who doesn’t want to live in a home that looks beautiful? If you’re new to the concept of street appeal, or if you’re looking for some efficient and effective ways of improving the street appeal of your house, read on!

What is Street Appeal?

‘Street appeal’ is a name that designers and real estate agents use to describe the desirability of a home when viewed from the street outside. Many factors contribute to street appeal like the fence, garden, roller garage doors, façade, roofing, and windows. Basically, it’s a combination of all the different visible elements.

How Does Street Appeal Change the Feel of a Home?

​A home with great street appeal feels even better on the inside. Think of it like a meal; if the entrée is fantastic, you’re likely to enjoy the main meal even more so. In the same way, an outstanding street appeal puts one in a positive frame of mind. Additionally, it pre-disposes a person to likening a home even before they step through the front door.

Is Street Appeal Important for The Value of a House?

​A house that has terrific street appeal will almost always sell for more than a comparable abode that looks worse on the outside. Deep down in our human nature, we want to live in beautiful spaces. Since the value of a house is determined by how much people are willing to pay for it, a property with splendid street appeal will raise up the value it can command on the market.

Easy Ways to Improve Street Appeal

​There are many ways to improve the street appeal of a home, but most of them are costly and difficult. Replanting the front garden, for example, or rendering and painting the entire front of the house, are both ways of improving street appeal that might be costly and time consuming. So, what is the best way of raising the street appeal without wasting time and blowing out your bank account? One answer is beautiful new, safe electric garage doors. It makes your house look sleek, secure, and poses a great many practical benefits as well.

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