Your Car May Not Be Safe at Home

10th June, 2020

Your car is a major investment that needs to be protected against weather, burglary and damage. Subpar garage doors can lead to unexpected damage that will cost you a small fortune. By installing high-quality garage doors, you can minimise these risks and give yourself peace of mind that your car is safe.

In this article, we’re exploring the reasons why your car may not be as safe in your home as you’d like it to be.

Is Your Car at Risk of Theft?

Garage doors are considered a common point of entry for vandals and burglars because once they are opened, there is little standing in the way of accessing the rest of the home. If your garage door is easy to access, you may come home to find your car and many of your belongings missing. The simplest way to prevent this is to install theft-proof garage doors.

The latest garage doors are made from almost impenetrable materials and come with extremely secure openers and transmitters that prevent interference. Connecting your garage door opener to your smartphone will allow you to control the door from anywhere in the world while receiving notifications every time it is accessed.

What Is Tri-Tran Technology?

​Tri-Tran 128 is a revolutionary coding system that improves the reliability and security of your garage door opener by using three frequencies to overcome interference issues. This is important because of the number of wireless devices that fill our neighbourhoods and interfere with garage door openers. By using three frequencies, Tri-Tran can still open your door even if two frequencies are jammed.

Prevent Your Car from Being Damaged

​In the past, many cars have been crushed by garage doors. The Dominator GDO range of garage doors has been designed to prevent damage and injury during operation. These doors are equipped with an automatic reverse function, meaning the garage door will automatically stop and open if it comes into contact with an obstruction while closing.

There are other optional safety extras that you can choose when you install your new garage doors. Garage openers can be fit with infra-red beams, meaning the door will automatically stop and reverse if the beam is broken by a person, pet or vehicle.

Car Safety Is Important to Us

When you’re choosing electric garage doors, safety is a key consideration. These huge moving parts require additional safety features to protect your vehicles, belongings and family members. At Dominator Christchurch, we take safety seriously which is why we incorporate some of the most advanced features into our garage door openers.

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